Larry Briand, MS, PT, ATC - Founder & CEO

Member: American Physical Therapy Association; Private Practice Section

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” This philosophy is reflected by the Founder & CEO of RMS - Larry Briand, MS, PT, ATC, a physical therapist in private practice since 1992.

Larry founded RMS in 2000 with the goal “to build a visionary company, a crown jewel in the industry, widely admired by its peers, built on core ideology and purpose.”  In addition, Larry was intrigued to share the experience of private practice with others as “somewhere, someone, sometime gave [him] the gift of being in private practice and [his] goal is to give this same gift to other therapists who choose to become private practice owners.”

Larry holds a Masters Degree in both physical therapy and education and is a certified licensed athletic trainer. He has been a leader in private practice physical therapy for more than 25 years, being very active in the profession and taking a proactive stance with industry issues and healthcare trends. Larry believes that in the future, patients will have direct access in their community to physical therapists in all states and environments. Physical therapists will be practitioners of choice and will hold all privileges of autonomous practice.

Larry holds a passion for helping other therapists grow and develop their practices and has presented on local, regional and national levels.  In addition, he is a published author of articles related to the physical therapy discipline, holding strong ties to the American Physical Therapy Association and the Private Practice Section.

Larry is also an ambassador showing how “good business practices can parallel good medicine.” Guided by passion and commitment, Larry feels that RMS, along with partners, will render evidence-based services and improve the quality of life for our society. They’ll be able to provide care based on trust, respect, and a caring clinician. Larry and RMS look forward to continue working alongside other partners as industry leaders, utilizing new technologies and methods, as well as available research.


Connie Ziccarelli - Principal & Chief Operations Officer

Member: American Physical Therapy Association; Private Practice Section - Administator's Council Chairperson; Medical Group Management Association

Connie Ziccarelli is the Co-Founder, Principal and Chief Operations Officer of Rehab Management Solutions (RMS), where she owns and operates, manages and grows private physical and occupational therapy practices everyday.

With more than 25 years of healthcare management experience, Connie oversees all aspects of customer service, accounts receivable and patient advocate management for a national network of outpatient, free-standing clinics.  In addition, she holds a strong expertise in billing and reimbursement, CPT coding, documentation strategies, and corporate compliance, which she also manages daily for the network of clinics. 

Connie is a strong advocate in giving back to the rehabilitation profession, and has presented multiple educational programs at a state, regional and national level with Rehab Management Solutions, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), the APTA Private Practice Section (PPS),, and the Wisconsin Medical Group Management Association (WMGMA) on topics related to best clinical and administrative practices.  She is also a published author of articles related to the physical therapy discipline. 

In 2012, Connie was selected as the Chairperson of the APTA’s Private Practice Section Administrator’s Council.  She has also previously served as a four-year liaison to the Private Practice Section Annual Program Work Group Committee.  Beyond the scope of the physical therapy industry, Connie holds an extensive management background in the disciplines of cardiology, otolaryngology (ENT), perinatology (high-risk OB), and human genetic centers. 

Connie is a model of her teachings as she champions a strong focus on patient relationship management. She consistently motivates RMS’ Back Room staff to be patient advocates, while working seamlessly together to protect all components of the revenue cycle.  Through proven operations and systems, Connie offers PTs and OTs the peace of mind to practice their skills while enjoying the revenue of their work.

Ellie Scheller - Associate Chief Operations Officer