Maintain fiscal responsibility, employer responsibility and risk management.


We all went into the rehabilitation industry to serve our communities better than they have ever been served before, to have fun, and to make money along the way. In order to provide your patients with the best quality services and be confident in your practice, it needs to be financially sound. In addition, you want to surround yourself with and retain the best and brightest team, dedicated to your practice’s core value goals.

Benefit from RMS’ comprehensive technical, financial and analytical expertise. Our goal is to make you even more successful by advising you on maintaining fiscal responsibility, employer responsibility and risk management. Allow your practice’s financial and regulatory health to improve through RMS’:

  • Timely, accurate and meaningful reporting provided to you on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis
  • Advice on strategies for maintaining cash flow, sustainability and cost containment
  • Education on key indicators of your practice’s profitability and counsel on how to maintain them
  • Best practices for employee recruitment, selection and hiring
  • Proven retention strategies for your key performers and staff through the development of performance metrics and compensation packages
  • Guidance on developing a comprehensive risk management plan, i.e. Corporate Compliance Manuals, Employee Handbooks, and malpractice and physical liability insurance

It's time to improve your standards.  

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“Being part of the RMS family, the biggest thing for our clinic is for us to interact with our RMS ‘Back Room’– it really gives my staff a foundation for professionalism, compliance and a feeling of togetherness.”

Fred Shonkwiler, MPT, CEAS, GFS

Spine & Sport Physical Therapy and Aquatics; St. Joseph, MO