Our expert team will maximize your profit and provide you with consistent and steady cash flow.


Do you lie awake at night pondering the financial success of your practice? Do you struggle balancing quality patient care with effectively billing and collecting for your services? With Rehab Management Solutions, sleep well at night knowing that our Billing & Accounts Receivable team will maximize your profit and provide you with a consistent and steady cash flow. Allow us to take the burden of these systems off of your shoulders so you can do what you love most: treat patients. We promise to handle your patients’ financial impairment with the same care and concern as you handle their physical disablement.

Our team is committed to your success. Benefit from 20+ years of Billing and Accounts Receivable proven operations and systems:

  • Ensure great business practices parallel great medicine and seamlessly integrate your therapists with our team. Communication is easy; consider us “in your back room.”
  • Be confident that your practice is protected. Remain compliant with third party payors' and federally funded programs' rules and regulations. Receive ongoing education from our team to ensure your therapists understand their professional responsibilities of compliant documentation.
  • Maximize your reimbursement. As our team only bills for rehabilitation practices, we have a strong knowledge in physical and occupational therapy coding, documentation and billing requirements. We will also act as an advocate for your patients to help them understand the reimbursement methods for their care, as well as work with their insurance carriers and attorneys to coordinate payments.
  • Guarantee you are paid for all billed services. We provide a pre-bill audit prior to claim submission to make certain all patient management skills are properly captured and documented, and turned into billable time. We hold a vast knowledge of CPT coding, ICD-9 coding, and are prepared to help you transition into ICD-10 coding. Our team collects 100% of net billables.*
  • Our team monitors and tracks your documentation to ensure all patient visits are appropriately authorized, so treatment is not interrupted. Our team has a 97% authorization success rate.*
  • Receive weekly, monthly and annual comprehensive reporting to analyze trends in your clinic’s performance and determine areas for growth.
  • Contracting and credentialing giving you a headache? Our leadership team networks with local and national payors, serving as an ambassador for the PT and OT disciplines; negotiating fee schedules, and contract terms and conditions.

 *Compiled within a 20 year study


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