Your clinical skills, knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit will flourish with every mentoring encounter.



We know it - you want to be the best of the best. Rejuvenate your entrepreneurial spirit and work alongside others who share the same passion for growing a business. Your success and drive fuels our passion.

Our PT-led team are clinical experts who mentor, educate and grow other practice owners and directors daily. Working together, we’ll determine where your practice was, where it is today, and where you want it to grow in the future. Your clinical skills, knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit will flourish with every mentoring encounter:

  • Experience a customized leadership development program specific to your practice; receive guidance on business planning, positioning and forecasting
  • Build and strengthen relationships with referral sources through specialized reports and analysis
  • Remain compliant with the rules, laws and regulations of the rehabilitation industry
  • Benefit from advice on strategies for clinical staffing models, recruitment and retention of clinical staff, and alternative compensation models
  • Ensure your therapists understand their professional responsibility of compliant documentation and billing - protect your practice by being willfully and knowingly aware of 3rd party payor rules and regulations
  • Brainstorm on strategies for specialty revenue-producing programming in your community
  • Build a solid program in your community through our Work Injury Program Initiative by integrating relationships with industries, payors and referral sources
  • Receive feedback from peer review of documentation, which capture revenue-producing opportunities and monitor compliance
  • Our passion for continuous improvement and learning never stops, and you will reap the benefits as we share our ongoing expansion of knowledge with you

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"RMS has a great team of individuals who constantly look out for the interest and welfare of their client practices from a fiscal and a compliance standpoint. Working with RMS does not feel like we are working with an outside entity. They succeed in being a virtual in-house practice administration department and are able to do so regardless of the size of the business...I recommend RMS with enthusiasm to anyone who wants to have an excellent rehab practice management organization be their strategic partner."

Shankar Krishnan, PT, DPT

Ascent Physical Therapy Specialists, Inc; Bloomfield Hills, MI