RMS COO Connie Ziccarelli Launches Blog

Those of us in private practice fight for the consumer’s healthcare dollar each and every day. While striving to stand apart from the larger hospital systems and our competition, we can sometimes feel bogged down by rules and regulations, and a lack of recognition for our hard work. That’s why RMS’ Co-Founder, Principal & COO Connie Ziccarelli decided it was time to begin writing her own blog.

As Connie works day-in-and-out managing and growing a network of private physical and occupational therapy practices, she understands the struggles and challenges of private practice. To share her thoughts and experiences with others, allowing our entire profession to benefit from idea-sharing, Connie launched her blog “Navigating the Journey of Entrepreneurial Private Practice in Medicine” on Friday, August 8, 2014. Her first post focused on “The Journey of Private Practice in Medicine,” where she states:

Each and every day, those of us in private practice fight for the consumer’s healthcare dollar and to stand out from the larger hospital systems. Private practice is unique because we are the “Daniel” in the “Goliath” world. We not only have to worry about the moves of the “big” guys, but we also need to stay on the community’s and payors’ top-of-the-mind awareness. Most of us are actively involved in local sponsorships within our hometowns, or participate on insurance panels…we navigate the politics of our communities on a daily basis. But through all of that navigating, we stand apart because we are genuine.

Although Connie’s passion is in physical and occupational therapy, her blog will tailor to all disciplines of medicine. Connie plans to post regularly every Friday to celebrate all private practice owners and administrators, and leave for the weekend on a happy note. Learn more or follow Connie’s blog at:http://rehabmgtsolutions.wordpress.com/.