Reduce Time Away From Work & Costs Associated with Worker's Compensation Injuries


Did you know?

  • The average direct cost of a worker’s compensation claim is $36,551*
  • In 2011, there were 5,000,000 medically consulted injuries caused in the workplace*

Worker's compensation injuries can be devastating to companies as they require time away from work, large medical costs costs, and retraining of substitute employees. Unfortunately, many companies suffer from these frustrations multiple times a year. 

Rehab Management Solutions provides customizable, on-site injury prevention and work-related rehabilitation services to fit your company's needs. Our team of medical professionals will benefit the overall health of your company and employees by decreasing worker's compensation costs, workplace injuries and OSHA recordable rate, and increase production.

Based on your needs, RMS or its affiliated clinics can implement:

• Onsite Safety & Injury Prevention: Assistance to teach your employees how to remain safe; first aid services

• On-Location Ergonomic Assessments: Identify hazards and prevent repetitive strain injuries

• Early Intervention Rehabilitation: Therapy simulating work duties to facilitate a safe return to work (Complimentary transportation services available at select locations)

• Work Hardening/Work Conditioning: Treatment program that assesses the injured worker's productivity, safety and physical tolerances

• Post-Offer Pre-Employment Testing: Reduce injuries and increase employee retention by testing an individual's capabilities to perform a job (Drug Testing also available)

Together, we can drastically improve your company's bottom line and the health of your employees.


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“Understanding and being able to offer functional testing truly makes our practice a Center for Excellence in workman’s compensation. Within the RMS WIPI course, my staff learned you need to prove to the employers, payors and the medical community that you can speak their language and understand function. This education will truly allow us to stand apart from our competition.”

Mark Smith, PT

Rice Lake Physical Therapy & Rehab Specialists